A great writer

I had a chance

to open the notebook

of a man who wrote poems.

He had struggled all his life

and never been published

yet he wrote

and taught others how to write.

I had never taken his class

but I heard wonderful things

I thought there may be secrets I can find

within this black note book

I turned the pages

and sheet after sheet

were sketches

of naked men and women

joined in lust

of pointed penises

and revealed female genitalia.

I was amazed. There were no poems

only images.

Once, in an all boys high school

I hated a teacher and she me

I had drawn innocent cartoons in my books,

of cars and trees.

During class she caught me drawing and said;

stop drawing doodles in your books

your books are full of doodles.

She knew what she was saying.


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