Month: June 2016

After the Funeral

After the funeral,
Returning home, I stand in the hall and take off my boots
The light is weak; the night is dark
I look up and see the kitchen where we spent many Christmases and birthdays
And the conversations that would never come again
Come back, come back! He said
But I left nonetheless
But I came back too, eventually.
The death, something I dreaded and thought about all my life is now true.
Once as a boy, maybe aged ten, I began to cry in class
“What is the matter?” The teacher asked.
“I am afraid that one day my parents will die” I replied, and she kindly
told me it would be many years away, but the class laughed still
That a boy should start to cry in class over something like that
How strange.
We worked in the office together for a year
And I loved her
But never said anything. How things could have been different.
My mind, standing in the hall wanders to these other things
And I feel ashamed.
I look up and realise how lonely this house is now. Silent.
I once loved silence.

The Room

The lights annoy me
they hum, the light they give out is weak
and the switch is broken, hanging free.
I feel the place was wired up by the owner,
When I plug something into a power outlet,
I see a bright white flash, a deadly threat.

I look at her pictures
over and over again,
between clothes I have hung inside on various fixtures
because it has rained for days
They dry slowly, filling the room with dampness and haze.

The lights humming
the air thick and damp
the neighbours music drumming
a sad sharp noise in my ear.
Time is flying, nearing the end of a year.

Anvil Soul

My next novel Anvil Soul is to be released in August.

Over the ne next few weeks I will share with you what the novel is about, cover reveal and my inspiration for writing this new novel. Stay tuned!

meanwhile, here are my top three writing tips:

1. Read widely but also experience as much of you can. A combination of good books and a good life make a powerful writer.

2. Write everyday. Writing well is a talent that, like a muscle, becomes more powerful with use.

3. Imagination, intelligence and natural talent play a large role, but so does luck. Do not write to be famous, write to release the pressure that builds up in every creative person.