Month: September 2015

My dog got sad

This morning I woke up pretty early although the sun was all ready up and I looked across to my dog who has his own smaller bed and he looked back at me with that wonderful excitement dogs always have when they see you for the first time in the morning. Only today things were a little different because I could tell he was sad. What was it? I watched him for a while and I think I worked it out, I think he is missing his mother.

He was a stray I found on the street and it has been a long time since he saw his mother and so this is probably the cause of his sadness. He was Okay by about 2pm, he sort of got over it but now its about 7pm and he is really sleepy and looking a little sad again. I hope tomorrow he’ll be over it, he is pretty sensitive.

I have a new habit, when ever I go into a room I have to check the windows to make sure no insects or lizards are trapped there and trying to get out. Today two things happened that make me do this – wait three things. One: I imagine it would be terrible¬†to die in a window, looking out into the garden beyond. The madness of scratching at the endless glass, the hot sun burning through and slowly dying a haunted death. Two. I was vacuuming today and a slater (a hard shelled bug) was caught in the suck and vacuumed. I turned it off as quickly as I could but he was a goner. It really made me sad. and thirdly (between the start of writing this and now I’ve forgotten the 3rd thing.)

Today I was walking by the road out front of my house and an echidna came out of the trees and started to cross the road. Of course I snapped into action and tried to save him but every time I tried to pick him up he sunk his claws into the ground and pointed his spikes at me. If you don’t know what an echidna is, look it up. They are beautiful creatures with wonderful personalities, they eat ants but are really determined to cross roads. They are like silly little¬†sweethearts determined to cross busy roads. I saved him, but it took a lot of nudging him with my foot.

Finally I’ve been applying for a lot of dream jobs and sending out my resume etc but it turns out I’ve been sending them all in the wrong file format and just about all the people have emailed me back to say ‘we can’t open your files so don’t even bother waiting for us to contact you’ etc.

Pretty crap.


I’ve been chosen to write a play for a local arts company with a whole bunch of other writers. Usually I hate working with writers but this is a pretty good opportunity, so I agreed. I had a dream last night that all the other writers joined up against me and to get back at them I wrote a really disgusting pornographic play and everyone hated me even more.

check it out below



A poem – God Must Be The Stars

He comes down the sidewalk

his shoes clacking on the cement

wearing a purple shirt and high heeled cowboy boots

He turns to walk across the freshly laid turf on the bright green lawn

deliberately sinking his heels into the soft grass

making huge divots as he goes.

He hits his wife at home

sometimes in front of an open window when he is drunk

once his son came home from School

and beat his father

but the son went away again

and his mother stayed.

I looked out from my window at what I think are stars

but they are the lights on top of buildings

to stop air planes flying into them.

I close my book of astronomy

and regret telling people I could see the scorpion

when all I could see was the Metro Tower.

Fly across -look around

believe that God holds all things together

the fear of forgetting all that I love on Earth

makes me walk in the woods for hours

Clouds, daisies, your hand on mine

green grass under a blue and grey sky