My debut novel, THE BOMBER, is available now.



The Bomber enters the life of Joseph Starling, a man returned from the war and uncertain about his future. He is challenged by the society he has returned to and the people within it. The world he lives in is being shaken to its core, the Government is engaged in unpopular wars, there are groups of people opposed to the fighting and are engaging in anti social activities and crime and corruption are on the rise.


Pen Name Publishing says: The Bomber is a love story of sorts that touches on some difficult subjects that are reflective of the current trends around the world in love…and war.


The Department of Reading and Writing says: The Bomber reaches into the mind of a man who fought for his country. What he sees when he comes home he doesn’t like, what he feels no one cares, where he is going no one understands…


‘I look forward to the release of my new novel and I hope it impacts the lives of those who read it, you certainly will not forget THE BOMBER.’

David G O’Sullivan

My second novel ANVIL SOUL is also available now





“I would save the last two bullets. One for Hilton and one for me.”

Father James O’Ryan has lived his life by a high moral code; using his beliefs to uphold the sanctity of the church he has pledged his life to serve. After the church places him in the sleepy town of Temora, Father O’Ryan finds himself tempted with lust and distracted by the dangerous actions of his fellow priests.

Will he turn a blind eye to the events surrounding him and take the fall for his brethren or will he issue justice with his own hands?


Anvil Soul is a challenging look at a person who chooses right even if it destroys them.


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