The Bomber

A review for my new novel The Bomber, I am so happy to read this, please have a look.


Hello everyone,

Today’s post, I am happy to announce, is a review of a book by the name of The Bomber by David O’Sullivan, which is to be released on June 24th this year.

It is available for pre-order here:

David O’Sullivan, the author of this fantastic novel also has a blog which is most definitely worth checking out. It can be found here:

So go and have a look at it after reading the review!

This book was a unique and fascinating read. It has a different tone and voice to other books that I have read, and concerns itself with new ideas that are not often explored.

Today’s destination: Soho, America.

If I were to sum this book up in a word, it would be:

Different – (adj.) distinct; separate

The Bomber is a tale of a soldier trying to fit back into a society that no longer makes…

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