Those lovers

They sat on the roof late one night

Those lovers:

Singing songs known only to them and the birds.

The night was clear, above the trees

The crystal light of space touched The Earth gently

As a mother might touch her child while it sleeps.

They saw it together,

That fleeting light, swifter than life;

A star shot across the sky.

Silently their glances met and each saw the star again

Reflected in the other’s eyes.

They set off together across the field

It was a quiet gentle night

And the grass, green and soft supported their feet with tenderness.

They held hands, her beautiful soft hands, small but strong, honest and intelligent

His hands hard with work, but infinitely caring.   

They never found the fallen star,

Though they looked most of the night

But what they found they held for the rest of their lives.

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