It has been a long hot summer here in Australia. There has been no rain for a long time and not only is it painfully hot, the ground outside is turning to dust and the trees are dying. Even now that Autumn has arrived, the heat is as high or higher than it was through summer.

The last few months, I have been editing my next novel, Anvil Soul, it is coming along very well and I am extremely happy with it. I have a great team behind me who give me advice, encouragement and helping me when things seems hard.

I am really looking forward to the winter. I hope it brings a lot of rain and cold weather. I watched a youtube video on happiness as it relates to the weather. It focused on hot days by the beach, blue skies and short happy warm nights. It was made in England and it was a new video so it focused on a northern winter. I found it unsettling. I love swimming and time on the sand but I have had enough of hot nights and burning deadly sun. I would love a long cold night in front of the fire, the sound of water dripping into puddles outside and the lazy quiet times that cold weather brings.

Both ideals, the missed summer, the dreams of the beach and warm-weather fun and the cold comfortable nights under blankets and near the fire are ideals of half forgotten truths. The winter I long for is the winter of dreams and memories, there are nice times in winter just like the summer. But I am forgetting the cold feet in the morning, the going to work in the freezing rain, the lighting of fires that take a  long time to warm a house. The people who made the video longing for summer are forgetting the sun burn and the melting heat, the garden that dies and the car that doubles as an oven if left out in the sun.

Both are wonderful times of the year, both are horrid, it is life. Enjoy it while you can because we do not have an unlimited amount of them.


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