Three crimes that occurred tonight

He took the baby by the legs

and smashed its head upon the ground

dashing its brains and teeth on the floor.

The baby’s mother

rushed the man and clawed his face

dragging her nails down his skin

and creating rivers of blood

she pushed her claws into his eyes and blinded him.

He knocked her down

and sightlessly moved about the room

knocking down a table and lamp

and treading on the lifeless body

of the tiny baby.

The moon was a razor of light

cutting into the darkness

on the street a failed artist

high on some manufactured drug

grown in the sink of a rotten bathroom

takes a knife to the throat of a tourist

and while screaming for money

slices the throat of the young woman

taking her head away from her body.

A driver of a red car

enraged by the slowness of the pedestrian

driven to a rage

slams his car into the bodies

spraying the people into the chain link fence

that surrounded an empty carpark.

The car jerked horribly as it passed over one of the people

the driver, teeth gritted and certain

that his anger is pure

drives off into the dark streets

leaving behind a headlight and a side mirror.

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