On my mind

It’s the sweet things in life

The new things

The first time you see her after work,

Or seeing things make her happy, that beautiful smile.

Seeing her undress in the soft lights of dark night

In the room together with the world shut out.

It’s the gentle words she has for you alone,

The fear she has that you’ll leave

That makes you feel so secure

And happy.

The story she tells you about the time some other guy did something so bad

And you just know you’d never do that to her.

It was the time she watched her favourite movie with you and she cried

And held you so tight

Because she loves to touch you; Loves to be with you.

I’m sure nearly everyone gets the same happy feeling sometime in their life

And no matter what color they are, what they believe, or who they like,

It’s that happy feeling that makes life great

And I’m glad for whoever gets to feel that

And sad for anyone that doesn’t.

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