TEASER for The Bomber

Very exciting news, my first teaser has been released. My publisher has made a series of teasers and will release them fortnightly until my debut novel The Bomber is released in June 2015.

Here is the splendid teaser:


Today I would like to share with you where it comes from in the novel and the general idea behind this byte.

The world in which I set The Bomber is a strange one. The setting is a city, like New York, London or Sydney. A western country that is involved in the struggle against middle eastern extremism and terrorism. The country has sent it’s troops to fight in overseas wars, these wars have become unpopular with some sections of the community and these people have come out onto the streets to protest, however a minority of the protesters involved take things too far and violence and unrest spread. It is a symptom of a deeper problem in this society, an issue of the disaffected, the unemployed, of failed race relations and the feeling of alienation among young people and new immigrants.

Anton Jones is a young man in the novel, he is a career thief and he finds this civil unrest both a problem and an opportunity as he makes his way about the streets at night. There is the problem of violence from the protestors and the issue of increased police numbers in the city. However due to the fires and looting, the stores and buildings lay open and available for him to steal what is left behind.

The main character, Joseph Starling also looks down upon the civil unrest. He is a war veteran and only just returned to the city. He is having a hard time adjusting to this world. He expected a lot more after having fought so long overseas and he does not like the violence and hatred all around him and he has had enough. Both Anton and Joseph’s lives become intertwined.

That is the world in my book, and the text in the teaser above shows the violence and destruction in the streets. Life will never be the same for any of the characters, just as it is for us in this new century.