free verse

To You, after hearing bad news.

She comes in the room as the sun is sneaking under the curtain

and tells me that they can’t beat her

and I believe it.

He took a free ticket to a live taping of a news program

told the country that he hates them on camera

and they should know

Even the man in the fruit market is angry

it’s hard enough to sell fruit

let alone have lunatics making it harder

I agree but I have no idea

the professor tells me I have a lot to learn and

I know it

it makes me happy

I have a lot to learn

it means years of new books and documentaries

it means going to lectures on topics I have no idea about

the wonderful feeling of listening to a new song

or seeing a new movie

or when that author touches you in the spot

(touches the spot – it’s near the heart)

it means that when I grow old

and I think the room is cold so I put more wood on the fire

wood I cut myself with my old and tired hands

I can still go to the books and find one I haven’t read

and read it with joy

and then just then like lightening

into a field

bad news.

The black scar across the yellow grass

the smoke and scream

of midnight air

being sucked

into the darkness

and my room window

left open

swings lightly in the breeze

what would happen, if the lightning had hit the house?

the hot weather

brings lightning

brings fire.

I dream of ice covered lakes where the pine trees

under the grey skies

look greener and nothing sad ever happens

one man is a brother

five hundred are a plague

That you shall never know

brings a tear to my eye and a heart that is growing older with every beat

with every beat.