Cold on the moon

There were the times long ago

When she would wake me in the night

And take me walking down the lanes and across fields.

Gently she would lead me through the dewy grass and mossy stones.

Once she pointed to the sky

And said: “It would be so cold to live up there.”

I looked into the sky where the diamond moon

Shone through wispy clouds.

Years past and there were Christmases, birthdays,

And holidays on the beach.

These moments of happiness seemed to slow the sadness that passing days always bring.

Later, I would visit her, and she would start up from her bed

Wild hair, searching eyes

She would cry out for a pet

That had been dead for years,

She would call out its name.

I would try to explain that the pet had died

But it would not calm her.

Other times she was scared and asked for help, or complained of the pain.

Now every time I walk along frost encrusted paths on winter nights

And think how much she would have loved to walk with me,

 I look at the moon; I think how cold it must be.


The alleyway kittens

The kittens ran through the streets together
like small tigers
an image of fear in a jungle.
hopping a puddle
tagging each other with a paw
the furry and flashing animation
of two kittens
completely & hopelessly in love,
dashing through a giants city
fearing noises but drawn by the scents
never certain which way to turn
even after their alleyway has come to an end
when at last they stop to rest,
a meow snagged in their tiny mouths
they felt released from the troubles of those around them
to be together and happy
and to always have the memories of being free.