Young Entrepreneurs

I sat waiting to get an x-ray

In some depressing medical centre

When a thin man with long black hair walks in,

His eyes are crooked as if they are spooked

And fled to opposite sides of his skull.

He has a slimy look.

He sits near me and leans forward,

“Do you think they’ll be long? I have a meeting of the young entrepreneurs tonight,

The YEM.”

“I don’t know,” I answer.

He gives me an unhappy look

And then his eyes glance up and down, taking me in,

Sizing me up.

His crooked eyes do not seem to like what they see.

“We’ve had a lot of rain recently,” I continue.

“Yes,” he snaps and looks away.


A pregnant woman walks in,

A man wearing the blue uniform of a nurse follows.

They start talking.

“Will I have to wait long?” the young man interrupts.

“I don’t know,” the nurse answers and turns back to the woman.

“Only I have a YEM on tonight.”

No one speaks to the young man again,

No one likes anyone.

The long haired man walks away, probably to find someone else.

“What’s a YEM?” the woman asks the nurse.

“Young entrepreneurs,” I answer her.


After my x-ray, I see the young man in the street.

He is leaning on a black car,

The bumper is kept on with black masking tape.

He is yelling at someone through a phone.

There is a large sticker on the back window that reads “KORN.”

I wonder what that means.

His yelling continues as I walk away,

The day is sunny now, but it is humid,

Due to all the rain we’ve been having.

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