Life is hard

Harder than you could ever think.

That pretty girl at the bar you saw as you walked past to buy some milk at the supermarket

So you go in and buy her a drink

And then as soon as she opens her mouth you know she ain’t the right one

She’s not even close

She’s nice

But she is hard and bitten by life. I guess that is why she’s drinking hard.

Some guy opens the door, and the cold air rushes in

And you’ve bought her a drink

And all she talks about is her husband and her father.

She holds up her hand to show the big ring on her finger, and you know you’ve made a mistake.

Her husband’s ok

But her father’s a bastard.

He was in the Army; Iraq, Afghanistan

And now he’s in the police.

She says he is head of SWAT

But I’ve got no idea what she is talking about.

She is pretty, squeezed into tight leather pants

And her ass is magical

But she’s hardbitten by life

And nothing like what you hoped for.

There are perfectly nice girls out there

Why don’t you go for them? I tell myself, but then I go home to bed without the milk.

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