Thursday and I’ll be gone

On the tenth floor

-David, it’s important you read this letter

I look out across the city

-I cannot stay; I have to leave

The clouds mix with the steam

-I don’t want you to wait for me

that rises from the roofs of the buildings

-we would never work out

I have been watching from this window since 6 am.

-I have to be free

now it is light; I can see people at all levels,

-I don’t want you to come around

people sitting in offices

-take your things, don’t leave them behind

people on the street

-understand, this is the way it is

workers, in hard hats and yellow vests

-please don’t contact me

emptying broken tiles from wheelbarrows

-we had fun, didn’t we?

I can only imagine the noise.

-something to remember

Is true freedom being able to do what you want, when you want?

-I’m leaving, going overseas

On corners homeless huddle under blankets on soaked yellow mattresses.

-I love someone else

A car stops in the road; a bus turns quickly

-Thursday and I’ll be gone, I promise.

Thursday and I’ll be gone, I promise.

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