The day I saw God

There are no more Gods

Still, I have mine.

I ask my Gods for help

And I curse them

I have them in the trees and the rocks.

I was busy, thinking about cigarettes and architecture,

Standing on the side of a road

An old man pulls over in a small truck.

He hobbles out of the car, one leg shorter than the other.

A pretty dark eyed woman

Maybe his wife, younger than he is, sits in the passenger seat looking frightened.

“Do you believe in God?”

He asks me.

My mind races, what answer should I give him?

It would thrill me to say no-

To say something mean about it all-

But I say yes I do.

“Good!” he says pleased, and then invites me to his Church.

As he drives off, I watch the woman in the cabin. She is pretty, her skin shines like money.

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