The saddest words I have ever heard

Sweetheart do you remember, that night you told me
There are no bad people?
You turned to me and said it so plainly, a little strangely.
I being half deaf from sleep asked you again what you said, I leaned toward you
And you repeated it.

I locked those words away; I come back to them again.
You were right, and holding that view still,
You are right.
But then, but then
You told me not to take you seriously.

I patted him on the shoulder and looked at the bandages
His arm had been cut off.
A young man, blonde hair, once had many lovers
He had been stealing engines and one had fallen
Smashing him arm, pinning him down.

I needed the money
He told me, and that’s all we said.
He frowned at me as I turned away
He wanted to be happy once
He dreamed of being a pilot, but his better days were over.

As I left the ward where he lay
I remembered your words
I felt sad, a numbing selfish sadness
And thought about the people I have wronged
All we can do, I thought is pick a point and walk toward it.

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