six am outside the courthouse

It is cold and dark and six am.
The clock tower is lit up like a fool
and I am waiting for it to strike the hour
because I love the sound of bells.

I start singing, quietly at first but then I get into it
and I sing
Men in fluorescent clothing go riding past on bicycles
off to some worksite to start work early.

Water drips from the iron railings
it is almost raining again
the clouds are so low they touch the tall apartment buildings
There are three yellow lights on in the entire place.

He started drinking heavily after the divorce
she went to another country and never came back
She sent him a photo
he sat in my lounge room and started crying

Huge heavy tears like grapes rolled down his face
I wanted to say it’d be OK
but there was no guarantee
anything would be OK

Still standing here in front of the courthouse
I feel happy
even though
it is 6.01 am

Don’t forget! My next novel Anvil Soul is to be released in August.

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