Hard covers and How to write a poem

My hard covers of The Bomber arrived today and I am excited.

They are real collectors items!

Have a look at my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamdavidosullivan/

Now how to write a poem:


  1. Live a life where you do your best by everyone
  2. Remember all the best times
  3. Remember all the worst times
  4. Make notes to help you remember in steps 2 and 3 if needed
  5. Find love
  6. Lose love
  7. Sit by a window on a rainy day and watch the drops on the window slide to oblivion
  8. Walk about a forest
  9. Walk about the city
  10. Buy a pen and a note book
  11. Be aware of things you see, hear, smell and feel
  12. Remember that person you liked five years ago? Remember that kiss?
  13. Read a lot of poetry
  14. Write, write, write



Pizza Poem 

I ate the pizza

we could have had together

but you left me

so I had the pizza to myself.



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