Today –things I did– day before

Tomorrow is the launch of my debut novel The Bomber, I can’t believe the date has arrived so soon. I hope everything goes well, I hope the book finds success.

Today I spoke to a journalist from the local newspaper and he was great one of th nicest journalists I have met. We sat in the park and it was a beautiful day, sunny, the trees were dropping leaves around us, ducks walking about the grass.

I borrowed a book of poetry from the library,

I moved some plants.

I am speaking on the radio tomorrow.

My sister sent me a gold pen she had engraved with ‘The Bomber June 24 -15’

I went for a walk past three lakes and saw that they were all full.

I watched the sun move through the pines.

I thought a lot about the book and I know it is not the most important thing in the world but I hope it does well and people read it.




June 24th

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