Moonlight swims

Once I get my drivers license I can go up to Rennicks Lake anytime

but for now it is too far away and I can’t afford the train ticket.

I ride my bicycle to work

even when it’s wet or when it’s cold.

The worst is the cold, when my fingers freeze and numb

on the handle bars

and the wind cuts into my face.

The best time is 6am


and there are no cars

just the gentle sun waking in the east

and the streets as quiet and gentle

as any christmas cartoon

or poster image of Ireland’s pastures.

After work I spend time in the second hand shops

buying art

what I look for are oil paintings

or water colors.

But I will buy posters if they are really interesting

or well framed.

Can you imagine me

trying to get a big painting

home on my bicycle?

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