She wore a yellow dress

I love her yellow dress

it matched the sun

whose rays crept through and touched the golden skin beneath

her father did not like me

but she let me hold her hand

and walked her to Church in the fresh, newly grown, Sunday morning

All week it had rained

and I love the rain

the roads and paths were muddy

but now the sun came up like her yellow dress and revealed to me the heaven of the day.

We sat a while, not yet late for church

on the granite boulders behind the rectory

and as she laughed and placed her hand against my cheek

and said that my skin is pale and hers is honey

and how funny they look together.

She left me to climbed higher on the rocks

she shouted that as children they would play here

she asked if I could follow her and I could

because this had is where I had been a child as well

on these large familiar heavy rocks

that not centuries or thousands of centuries could move.

I would like to see the ocean

I would like to sail a boat

she said, she said

anything she said I listened to and recorded in my mind.

This was our Sunday morning, this was our Church

and I was blessed by Kathy.


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