Month of The Bomber. Day one. A poem


I saw the photo of her wedding

on the internet

she smiling, hanging her hands around his neck

he laughing, and looking toward the camera.

Their world can only be happy.

I remember an endless lake

waiting for the fireworks

a sailboat stiffly jolting

on tiny invisible waves.

She turned to me in the dying of the light

and showed me a flower

and it was beautiful

and so gentle between her fingers.

I looked about, there were no flowers growing near us

only grass.

Where did you find that? I asked.

She smiled that same smile

full of glinting sunlight and gentle promise

and would not tell me.

The Bomber, my debut novel will be available for purchase on the 24th of June in book or e-book. Have a look at amazon or order from your favorite bookstore.

This is the month of The Bomber.


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