Michael D’artilo*

Nymphs and Satyr  *oil on canvas  *260 x 180 cm  *signed b.l.: W-BOVGEREAV-1873

Nymphs and Satyr
*oil on canvas
*260 x 180 cm
*signed b.l.: W-BOVGEREAV-1873

The other day I was lucky enough to speak to Michael D’artilo at a local writers festival. D’artilo is the author of many books including; ‘Burying three dogs does not equal a man’ and ‘The monkey in my raincoat’. He was very busy but I managed to ask him a couple of questions.

1. How did you begin your career as an author?

I was a small child, alone at the time, sitting in a brightly lit room, the sun fell through the window in heavy slabs of yellow. A Satyr entered the room and stood by me. In his hands he held a pen. Today, if people see a Satyr they instantly think of the devil or demons but they are ignorant to the world of the gods.

The Satyr, using both hands, placed the pen in front of me. He smiled and leaned toward me, still I was not afraid. He said: “Pick up the pen and choose which hand you will write with, but listen, if you pick the pen up with the right hand you will be blest with perfect and beautiful handwriting, you will meet a woman when you are still young, fall in love, have children and live a happy contented life. If you pick it up with the left I will make you an artist and you will earn the insatiable desire to write and you will write fiction well. But you will be lonely and no one will be able to enter your world, set apart as it will be. Choose now”

I looked from the Satyr’s face to the pen and without thought or control, my left hand shot out and grasped it. The god before me laughed and winked in glee, making a terrible hooting noise and then rushed to the door and left. From that day I have been creating stories and all he said was true.

2. What did the Satyr look like?
What a foolish childlike question. What does a dream look like? I have had many people to whom I have told that story ask me what it looked like and I laughed at everyone of them. His appearance changed every time I looked at him. But I can tell you what you want to hear, and that is he was tall, covered in hair with curly horns, longs fingers covered in hard lumps with long sharp claws on the ends. His eyes sparked and his mouth leaped, his tongue curled like the snapping of a snakes back. If you have never seen one then you have not looked. I will answer no more of your questions.

Thank you to Michael D’artilo.

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*This is a work of fiction.

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