Poetry night two


I howl

at the yellow moon.

He laughs


She comes to me in sleep

She comes to me in sleep

when the darkness falls like ashes from a forest fire

I see her blonde hair and wide sensual smile.

She wanted to be an actress

and could have been

but she chased a fool

and caught him.

I cross to the window

still dreaming

and see the frozen moon laughing

the clouds break around him like dancers

and the wind

annoyed by the nearby hills

race down and test my roof with invisible fingers.

She lives by a lake now

and in the still early morning

takes her dog around the waters edge

and then back in time for waking children.

I awake and forget, yet a sadness remains

as I stare at the shadows on the wall.


My new novel The Bomber will be released June 24th 2015.

see pennamepublishing.com for more information.

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