It has happened and I am so happy, I stood in a book store today nearly cried as I thought about it. (In my defense I was looking at a row of Orwell’s and Dostoyevsky’s books, amazed and overjoyed that they should be next to each other on the shelf and Paul Simon’s ‘Hearts and Bones’ came on the radio and I was just over come.) But… what was I talking about?

Oh my cover reveal occurred today. My Editor in Chief at Pen Name Publishing did a great job on the reveal and I am really proud of her. You can see it here:

No more talking… here is the cover of my novel:


I love it and I am interested in your opinion, if you would like to let me know leave a comment below.

I like the simple yet eye catching design, I like the simple title banner and my name underneath. It seems to attract the eye with the design and reveal the title without any distraction.

When the publishers asked me what I was looking for I mentioned I liked art deco designs of books for the ’20s and ’30s. I like simple yet sensational covers. Here are some examples of the covers I like:

img014 MyriamMariedeJouvencelLaTroismeJeun

These are hard decisions, you can spend hours of thought on the cover and set out of the title but still be filled with self doubt. I am happy with the result.

I think that with my next novel (which I am working on now, wink wink nudge nudge say no more) I may experiment with an actual photograph for the front cover. I have been to some exhibitions and seen some marvelous photography from many talented artists. I love photography, especially black and white examples.

Thank you for looking at my new cover. I hope, come June 24th, you will see it in the bookstores near you.


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