I had a great Christmas thank you and I hope you had a nice Christmas as well.

I always prefer Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. Boxing Day is the acceptance that the special time is over. On Christmas Eve I went for a walk toward some hills near where I live. It was a dark night with a thin crescent moon and the stars were clear and white. I was struck by the beauty of the world. The magic of nature and the universe and into my mind came the thought, why worry about stupid things? I know it is not a particularly clever thought and I know that it is easy for me to be alone on Christmas Eve and conceive such an idea but deep down it is true.

Accept the things you cannot change

change the things you can

and have wisdom to know the difference.

I am sitting here now with the post Christmas blues but I am happy.

I have the following resolutions for 2015;

I ate too much chocolate so I will need to exercise and eat less

I want to concentrate on my writing

I want to read more books

I want to be kinder to others and

I want my book The Bomber, which is being released in June to be a success.

Two things made me sad over these holidays.

The first was the thought of all the poor homeless animals that suffer on our streets

and the other was the lonely people who have no one over Christmas.

One of the worst ways to suffer is to spend Christmas day alone. There are people who wake up and go to bed on Christmas day and do not speak to another human. The people who feel unloved and rejected. To these people I wish all the best for. Some are alone by choice and some by circumstance. I hope they find ways to cope.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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