She was hit by a bus she saw coming

I went to a book launch in a library the other day. It was good. The book was an anthology and the people published stood up and read their poems or short stories.

There was one poem that caught my attention and one line in particular that I really liked and the line is “She was hit by a bus she saw coming.”

Throughout the book launch, I sat behind a very pretty girl with a short hair cut. Her hair hung heavily about her neck and I was able, in the boring times, to entertain myself by watching the back of her head.

Below is a poem I made up sitting in the library using the one line I liked:

She was hit by a bus she saw coming

On a morning that shone like another

she was thrown into the road to her death

two children, she was their mother.

The city kept moving

the cars, the buses

after the medics had left

no one knew what all the fuss is

I saw the bus too, it was the 564

I was taking a call, I kept walking,

death can be welcomed or avoided so

watch where you go – a lot of people die talking.

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