A day in the life

I thought I would share how my day went. I have different days where one of three things may happen.

One: Nothing out of the ordinary happens

Two: Good things happen and

Three: Bad things happen.

These days do not usually mix. I do not usually have a day where a good thing AND a bad thing happens. It usually goes that only one type of thing happens continuously on any one day.

So I thought I would share my day today because I cannot tell if it has been bad or good. This day has been an anomaly.

I woke up early because the sun came through the windows. I had forgotten to close the blinds. But I was happy to be awake early.

I took my book (Still reading Bob Dylan Chronicles volume one) out into the yard and I let my dog and kittens out for a run. The dog was good but one of the kittens ran away and it took me an hour to find him. He had run into the forest and was hiding among some fallen logs. Anything could have eaten him but luckily I found him and brought him home.

I caught a ride into town and went swimming. It is a beautiful outdoor pool, fifty metres long and clean-ish. (my spell check wanted to change clean-ish to clannish.) I was really happy to be swimming. The sun was out and the water sparkled. There were plenty of people swimming and there was only lane left was between a young woman (probably late teens) and an old woman.

Half way through my swim, I noticed something strange was happening. The young woman was a much faster swimmer than I was. I swim slowly but I go a long distance. This young woman would swim past me, wait until I came to the end of a length and then take off at the same time as me, then again she would wait and then take off at the same time. She may not have meant to or even thought about what was happening but it really stood out to me as something strange. She would be at the end of the pool each time I arrived over and over again. It was irritating but I ignored it and went about my swimming.

I bought a french breadstick and it was overcooked. I ate it anyway.

I took my car in for a registration check. It is a five year old car and only travelled fifty thousand kilometres. (31000 miles).

The mechanic checked it and then told me it needs new strut mounts, which are rubber caps that sit on top of the front struts and rub on the body. This, he told me, will cost me five hundred dollars. I figuratively died.

I am now thinking about replacing these strut caps myself. The actual part costs between $40 and $150 depending on the quality from ebay. These need to be replaced every few years and my parents car is the same model so if I do the work myself I could save a lot of money.

I had some little baby trees arrive in the post. They all look sick, I paid $8 each for them. They are Monterey Pines. John Steinbeck trees as I call them.

I sat for a long time thinking about my writing. I am plagued with self doubt. Take these blogs, I thought, with so many people writing why would anyone want to read mine? These thoughts troubled me for a good half hour until I decided to go outside and clean up some cans and bottles that had not burnt with the rest of the rubbish in the incinerator.

I think I will go now and watch a movie called Pacific Rim. I have not seen it yet but it is supposed to be about giant killer robots fighting giant killer monsters which is exactly the type of movie I really like.

So it was a day, nothing great and nothing terrible, just a day.

If you want to say anything to me please leave a comment. Let me know about your day or share with me any thoughts you have on mine.

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