Bob Dylan

Right now I am reading Bob Dylan Chronicles Volume One. I have no idea when the other volumes will be coming out, but I get the feeling that things like sequels take their time in the Dylan universe.

It is one of the most interesting autobiographies I have ever read. I am only maybe a hundred pages in but the voice Dylan uses is amazing. It engages and it excites. There are issues in the book, he seems to repeat himself, he says (referring to an old radio advertisement) he is on Boliva time when I think he means Bulova time* and he jumps around but it is exactly how I would expect Bob Dylan to speak if I were talking to him in a private conversation.

I am a big fan of Dylan and that helps, but this work leaves scatterings of gold along the path and all you have to do if follow him along to pick it up.

‘Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain’  Bob Dylan

*The Boliva/ Bulova thing is not a big deal but by God it really stuck in me.

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